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Why Learn Spanish? 12 Great Reasons to Learn Spanish

Finding a reason to learn a new language is key during your language learning process. A reason will help you set up your goals and deadlines. The same happens when learning Spanish.

But among all the languages to choose, why learn Spanish? This post will answer this question.

Find below 10 great reasons to immerse yourself in this language.

12 Reasons to Learn Spanish

Earn More Money

In today’s globalized world, having language skills is really important, and guess what? It can even help you earn more.

According to a study by The Economist, knowing a second language can actually boost your salary. Specifically, Spanish could give you a $51,000 bonus over your career. Not bad, right?

A graphic showing a proportional relation between knowing Spanish and earning more.
Photo source: The economist.

Enjoy Awesome Books

Knowing Spanish opens the door to enjoy a wide variety of good books, such as the greatest book of all times: Don Quijote by Miguel Cervantes.

Reading books can also be a fantastic way to learn about historical events and culture.

Do you want to miss out on all of this? Expand your literary options by learning a new language!

Enjoy Awesome Movies and Series

There are so many great movies and series to enjoy in Spanish, from Mirage to Money Heist. Of course, there is always the option to watch them dubbed, but you are also end up missing out a lot. Reading subtitles requires focus and distract you from important events. Also, many cultural aspects of the language is lost during the translation.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix have made very easy to find movies and series from all over the world, including Spain. Now more than ever, you have not excuse to dive into any platform and enjoy Spanish films!

Desktop Computer turned on displaying Netflix homepage
Desktop Computer turned on displaying Netflix homepage

Health Benefits

Bilingualism has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Some of these advantages include: The delay of the onset of dementia, or the improvement of your cognitive skills.

Isn’t this alone a good reason to learn Spanish?

Improve Your Cultural Tolerance

Foreign language acquisition not only involves learning grammar and vocabulary, but also the cultural aspects.

In addition, when you learn Spanish you delve into the Hispanic culture, which offers you a better understanding of the cultural differences and thus, makes you more tolerant towards the new culture.

A group of nazarenos
A group of nazarenos during a procession

Improve Your Mother Language

When learning a second language, you are likely forced to compare grammar rules with those of your language, which can provide you a better understanding of your mother’s tongue grammar.

Also, studying a different language can help you become familiar with words in your own language that share common roots.

Join a Big Community of Millions Spanish Speakers

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, with more than 599 million people speakers globally. This means that 7.5% of the world population speaks Spanish!

When you learn Spanish, you will be part of a big community, offering you the opportunity to communicate with a much larger number of people.

Gray concrete brick wall
Gray concrete brick wall

Learn New Cultures

As we mentioned earlier, learning a language involves understanding the culture too, and the same is true for Spanish.

Studying Spanish enables you to learn about the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking countries.

Cultural fluency can be as important as language proficiency. Understanding the communication styles and social norms makes it easier to navigate the new environment without being offensive or making mistakes. For example, how would you know Spaniards greet each other by kissing on the cheeks?

Make New Friends

Could you image trying to make yourself understood by a person who doesn’t speak your language? Sure, you might be able to communicate some basic things, but it wouldn’t go too far.

Speaking the local language when traveling to a Spanish speaking country, enables you to express more than just the basics, making it easier to form more meaningful connections.

Three women lifting there hands

Opportunities for Work

Differentiating yourself from other job candidates by learning a second language is a great idea.

Possessing a competitive skill, such as proficiency in Spanish, makes you more desirable during the hiring process of many companies.

Opens Doors

The world is full of opportunities, yet many people waste them because of limiting themselves when it comes to languages.

Spanish can open up a whole new range of opportunities for you, such as studying or working abroad, meeting new people or even going on vacation!

Would you really let all these opportunities pass you by?

Arch shape doorway
Arch shape doorway

Travel to More Places

The English proficiency of many Spanish speaking countries is not particularly high. Knowing Spanish can give you an advantage in navigating these places easily and building better connections with people.

In addition, there are 21 countries where Spanish is the official language. If you knew Spanish, you could easily add these countries to your bucket list!

Final Thoughts

No matter how many reasons there are to learn a new language, you only need one to embark on the adventure.

We can’t deny that starting to learn a foreign language is extremely challenging. Hopefully, these reasons give you the motivation you need to begin learning Spanish.

If you’re already motivated to start the journey, we would be more than glad to support you with our online Spanish classes. Practice your speaking and listening skills from day one!

Now, we would love to hear your opinion:

  • Do any of these 12 reasons inspired you to learn Spanish?
  • What other reasons could you add to the list?

Please share your answers in the comment section below!

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