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Lenora Henderson

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Lenora Henderson

I have been taking online Spanish classes with ConvoSpanish for the past three months and have seen a tremendous improvement in my conversation skills and overall confidence speaking Spanish. I work in health care and have frequent use for Spanish in my job. But, because I’m a therapist and need to communicate and connect with my patients, basic medical spanish just wouldn’t be enough. Besides, learning another language the way we learned our first language, by listening and speaking, is the best and most effective method. Rote memorization, while useful, will only get you so far and will never build conversation skills.

When I started with ConvoSpanish, I was concerned that I had lost much of my Spanish skills from high school where I had taken honors advanced Spanish.. Now, in such a short time, I have certainly regained most, if not all of the vocabulary I had in high school, but I am far better at speaking the language now. What I love most about ConvoSpanish is that I’m learning the language how it’s spoken in the real world, with common expressions and idioms, I’d never known before. What is also so helpful, is that I’m not afraid to make a mistake and stumble in these classes. You just feel supported and like Ines has a genuine desire to help you learn and feel comfortable. If you’ve ever been disappointed with classroom, “one size fits all” Spanish classes, I highly recommend ConvoSpanish. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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