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James Pointer MD

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James Pointer MD

My daughter and I needed a professional announcement to sell our apartment in Barcelona-one that sounded like someone in Spain had written it. I looked at other for sale advertisements on Idealista and elsewhere, and I tried to copy the style and tone of the good ones. I exhausted my intermediate level Spanish in composing the perfect ad, and clearly, it needed improvement. I remembered that Inés through her company, ConvoSpanish, offers editing and proofreading services. I checked her website and was astounded to find that my 350-word ad would cost $15 to have her, an expert in Castilian Spanish, edit it for me.

A few days later, voilà, I received an edited version and, then, the final product. It was the perfect announcement written with perfect syntax and grammar, all the appropriate nuances that I would never have considered, and I didn’t have to worry about when to use the subjunctive.

I was totally and absolutely satisfied, and I shall definitely use this service again. Don’t tell her, though, she charges way too little-$10 for a 250-word document.

James Pointer MD Retired Physician Editing and Proofreading Service