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10 Free Spanish Short Films on YouTube from Spain

When it comes to languages, what is the most interesting way for you to learn a language? Do you know that watching movies is one of the best ways to memorize vocabulary? Our Spanish short films are all about that!

Why short films and not regular ones? Well, because they don’t require much of your attention and it’s easier to follow the plot.

Are you more of a person who needs to be engaged to learn a language? Then watching series and movies can be a deal changer for you. It’s a fun learning experience in comparison to studying from a textbook. You get to practice your listening and pronunciation skills and learn new vocabulary, expressions, slang, and culture.

In the following lines, you will find 10 free Spanish short films on YouTube to learn Spanish from Spain.

Free Spanish Short Films on YouTube from Spain

Ana y Manuel

Ana y Manuel is a romance short film that got nominated for an award at the Monterrey International Film Festival 2005. The leading actors in this short are Elena Anaya and Diego Martín.


This is the story about Ana, who decides to buy a dog after her boyfriend leaves her. She believes this will allow her to get revenge on him but also to help her forget about him. However, things don’t go as planned.

What you will learn

The story is told in the past so you will practice the past tenses in Spanish, including preterite, imperfect and past perfect.

What’s more, this short comes with subtitles in Spanish to help you understand what’s been said. Our suggestion is set up the playback speed that works better for you.

Enjoy the Spanish short film right below.


Anónimos is a romantic comedy short and was a candidate for a Goya nomination for best fiction short film.


Two people who don´t know each other try to meet in Venice. To do so, they have to give directions to each other by phone even though they are not very familiar with the area. When they finally get together, we understand why they had to meet.

What you will learn

You will learn the names of some landmarks and examples of how to give some directions in Spanish. Fun fact: one of the actors is Italian so you will notice his Italian accent when he talks in Spanish.

This short comes with subtitles in English but you can also turn on autogenerated subtitles in Spanish. Also, if you are not comfortable with the playback speed, you can change it in the settings.

Watch it here:

Anuncio de la Lotería de Navidad de 2014

Interestingly, this short is a commercial for the Spanish Christmas lottery that takes place on the 22nd of December every year. Traditionally, they make a new commercial every year.


The story is about a man who decides not to buy a Christmas lottery ticket for the first time at the bar he usually goes to. When he returns to the bar, he finds out that the bar has sold the winning ticket this year and that a nice surprise awaits him.

What you will learn

Besides general vocabulary, you will also learn vocabulary related to the Christmas lottery.

This YouTube video doesn’t have subtitles, however, you can set up the playback speed that works best for you.

Click on the link below!


Clara is a short made by Arcos (a Spanish company that makes knives) to raise awareness about the precariousness of employment in Spain.


Clara tells the story of a woman who lives with her son and her mother because of employment instability. She’s been working temporary jobs but doesn´t quit on her dreams of becoming a cook. Despite that, she never stops smiling in front of her child so that her reality looks better.

What you will learn

This short film will help you practice the present perfect tense in Spanish. Like the rest, the short comes with subtitles in Spanish and the playback speed can be modified.

Here’s your link:

Cuánto. Más allá del dinero

Cuánto. Más allá del dinero is a short film from Banco Santander. Their objective was the promotion of having a bank account with them. It is a science fiction short that won several awards, including at Festival Cannes Lions 2017.


The story takes place in the future where you can sell and buy experiences. The main character sells her personal experiences to get rich. Once she lives surrounded by luxury, she discovers what the cost of her actions is.

What you will learn

Along with the subjunctive that’s everybody’s all-time fav, you will practice present perfect tense and some Spanish expressions.

Also, the YouTube video comes with autogenerated English subtitles and you can set up the playback speed that works best for you.

The short was filmed in Barcelona and Tarragona, so enjoy the views of these two places.

Check this short out right below:

Diez minutos

Among all the Spanish short films here, Diez minutos is the only one that has won a Goya award for best fiction short film. The stars of the short are Gustavo Salmerón and Eva Marciel.


This is the story of a man who calls his phone company. He has only ten minutes to convince the customer service representative to give him the phone number that was dialed previously from his phone. If he doesn’t get that number, he will lose the love of his life.

What you will learn

If you don’t know how to make a phone call, this is your chance to learn! Also, find out how to say some numbers in Spanish and how to speak formally using the pronoun usted.

The video comes with autogenerated subtitles in Spanish and, if you want, you can change the playback speed.

Watch it below:

La entrevista

This Spanish short criticizes the current work situation in Spain because of the financial crisis. The directors are Daniel Ortiz Díaz and Javier Díaz.


The story is about a woman who is being interviewed for a job and how she has to give in to the new work conditions that the crisis in Spain allows.

What you will learn

Learn vocabulary about work interviews and work in general. Also, you will get familiar with the formal way of talking using the usted form.

You can set up autogenerated Spanish subtitles and the playback speed that is most convenient for you.

The video is available for you on this link:


Vale is one of the Spanish short films directed by the popular director Alejandro Amenábar. It is a rom-com short film and it is made by Estrella Damm (a brewery in Barcelona). The main actors in the short are: Dakota Johnson, Quim Gutiérrez, and Natalia Tena.


This is the story of a group of friends who meet an American girl. One of them tries to talk to her, but he doesn´t get too far because he doesn´t speak English. However, he finds another way to make himself noticed.

What you will learn

You will get familiar with colloquial Spanish and learn the meaning of an important word in Spanish from Spain: vale.

This short doesn´t come with subtitles, but the playback speed can be changed.

Watch it here:


Vecinoo is a comedy short film made by Paco de León, who was also the star of it.


The short tells a story about a man who starts talking to his neighbor through the bathroom vent during the COVID-19 lockdown.

What you will learn

The language in this Spanish short is very colloquial so here’s your chance to learn it.

You can set up autogenerated Spanish subtitles and change the playback speed.

The link is right below:

22, otra vez

The same as Anuncio de la Lotería de Navidad de 2014 above, this is also a commercial for the Spanish Christmas lottery.


The short is about a man who wins the lottery all the time and he gets tired of it until he realizes what the real objective of the lottery is.

What you will learn

The vocabulary related to the Christmas lottery is the main thing here but you will also get familiar with using the present perfect tense in Spanish.

The YouTube video comes with autogenerated Spanish subtitles and you can change the playback speed.

Watch now:

Final Thoughts

It’s not that hard, right? We hope this post helps you learn and practice Castilian Spanish with the top Spanish short films. Besides, you will not only enjoy it, but you’ll learn some new stuff too.

We suggest you discuss the shorts with someone. It will help you understand the story better and work with the vocabulary and phrases you heard in the movies. This is something we also do in our online Spanish conversation classes.

Of course, if you prefer to work on your own, check out our Short film worksheets. They come with full transcription, a vocabulary section, short explanations about vocabulary and grammar, and three sections with exercises.

Boost your Spanish by watching Spanish short films with the help of our worksheets and forget about the boring lessons!

Now it is your turn:

  • Have you watched any of short films?
  • Which one did you like the most?
  • Do you know any other short film you can suggest?

We’re waiting for your answers in the comment section below!

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