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Two Spanish Grammar Books You should Give a Try

Grammar might be considered the most boring part of learning a language, but it’s also very important. It can be challenging, particularly without good learning resources, such as Spanish grammar books. While they are abundant, finding good ones can be tricky.

In our Spanish online classes, we recommend a couple grammar books that we have been using for quite some time. We believe they have everything you need to take your Spanish grammar to the next level.

Spanish Demystified

Spanish Demystified is a widely known book that classified for beginner to intermediate level.

The author has done a magnificent job explaining concepts in a very understandable manner. Even difficult concepts such as por vs para or preterite vs imperfect are explained in a simple manner.

In addition, every explanation is accompanied by numerous good and realistic examples, which tremendously help in mastering the concepts.

Another great feature is the wide variety of exercises. It comes with oral and written tasks to practice each topic, including quizzes at the end of each chapter regarding all the discussed concepts. Additionally, there are four tests throughout the chapters, and a final exam at the end of the book.

Final exam of one of the Spanish grammar books
Spanish Demystified final exam

There are notes with tips that help to master the most difficult concepts.

Additionally, there is an English-Spanish glossary at the back of the book, in case you need to look up a word.

The best thing about the third edition is that it comes with an app, which includes audio exercises with a record/replay option and flashcards for practicing via app and online.

In our opinion, this book is ideal for starting to become familiar with Spanish grammar or for refreshing the Spanish you took years ago.

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice

If you need a more advanced level book, we recommend The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice book. Specifically, the book’s official level is advanced beginner to advanced.

This book explains grammar concepts more in depth but always in a simple and understandable way. In addition, everyday examples are used to master the concepts.

Also, each chapter has lots of different types of exercises to practice, ranging from filling in blank spaces to creating new sentences in Spanish.

One notable thing of this book is that each chapter have several notas culturales in Spanish that explain facts about the language, Hispanic-Latin cultures and Spanish speaking countries.

Notas culturales of one of the Spanish grammar books
“Nota cultural” found in The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice book

Additionally, you can find verb charts with information about the conjugations of regular and irregular verbs, as well as written conventions such as capitalization and punctuation, at the end of the book,

The standout feature of the premium fourth edition is that it comes with an app where you can practice both via app and online. It includes audio practice, flashcards, and diagnostic and review tests.

We believe this is a fabulous book to get deeper into Spanish grammar and to learn about small details.

Final Thoughts

We are very happy to have been using these Spanish grammar books for this long and we believe they can help you as much with grammar as they have helped our students.

No matter which on you choose, you will get an excellent book to comprehend and practice the concepts, as both come with lots of exercises. As we always say, it’s through practice that you finally get it!

Regardless of your proficiency level, a Spanish grammar book is always a good tool to have. Any time a question arise, you can use your book to check the answer and also practice with the exercises to fully absorb the ideas. Additionally, it will always be there for you review the grammar once in a while, which we highly recommend.

Before you leave we would love to share with you that if you are struggling with any grammar concept, we can assist you in our online Spanish classes. Here, our teacher will work with you to make this concepts understandable but mostly, to put them into practice.

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