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Beer and vermouth are two popular Spanish drinks

14 Most Popular Spanish Drinks You Should Try

The same as Spanish tapas, there are Spanish drinks that we all know, such as sangria and wine. However, there are many others most people don´t know and are just as good or even better than the well known drinks.

You can find these drinks at any bar and restaurant in Spain. What´s more, most of them are easy to prepare at home.

Do you want to know what are the most popular drinks in Spain? Find here 14 of the most popular drinks from Spain you should try!

14 Most Popular Spanish Drinks

Agua de Valencia

Agua de Valencia is one of the most typical drinks from Valencia, along with Horchata (see below). It´s similar to mimosas, but with more alcohol. It is a cocktail with cava or champagne, orange juice, vodka and gin.

This cocktail is believed to have been first made in 1959 for a Basque tourist group in Café Madrid de Valencia. Basques used to visit this café and order Agua de de Bilbao referring to the best cava. However, one day they got tired of ordering the same and Constante Gil (the manager) prepared this cocktail for them.

Do you want to learn how to prepare this drink? Check out the following video.


Any time is a good time to have a beer, but beer is a very important drink when Spaniards tapean.

Some of the most popular Spanish brands include Estrella Damm, San Miguel, Cruzcampo, and Mahou.

Spaniards have many ways to order a beer: caña, quinto, tubo… Do you want to learn how to ask for a beer in Spain? Watch the video below and learn!


Spaniards love coffee and there are a lot of places in Spain where you can get your coffee fix.

There many different types of coffees in our country, from cortado (probably Spain´s signature coffee) to café con leche. Do you want to learn more about the different types and how to order coffee in Spain? Check out our guide about ordering coffee in Spain.

Also, watch the video below and learn how to prepare a cortado.


In short, cava is the Spanish equivalent of champagne.

Catalonia is the main growing region of this Spanish drink with Codorníu and Freixenet being the largest producers. In addition, Codorníu is the oldest business in Spain and the 17th oldest in the world.

Check out the following video and learn why Spaniards drink cava.


Another signature drink of Valencia is horchata. Unlike the horchata from Mexico, this horchata is made of tiger nuts, also known as chufas.

It is common to drink horchata with fartones (a pastry) in Valencia. Also, it is typical to mix horchata with lemon slush, which is very refreshing.

Learn how Spaniards grow tiger nuts and make horchata in Alboraya, Valencia in the following video.

Hot Chocolate

In Spain, hot chocolate is usually thick and comes with churros. The common thing to do is to dunk the churros into a hot cup of chocolate.

Along with coffee, hot chocolate is one of the most common Spanish drinks for breakfast. However, people also have it for merienda (an afternoon-evening snack) and normally, during the weekends and holidays. Do you want to learn more about Spaniards food habits? Check out this post.

Learn more about churros con chocolate in the following video.


Calimocho is a drink made with red wine and coke, which is popular all around Spain.

The name of the drink comes from the Basque word kalimotxo. However, the full story of the origin of this word is not fully clear. Here is an article with some facts about calimocho including the origin of the word.

Learn how to make calimocho in the following video.

Leche merengada

Leche merengada is a popular summer drink mainly made of milk, egg whites, sugar and cinnamon.

If you ever go to Spain, you can mostly find this drink at horchaterías and ice cream parlors. In addition, it is served very cold and can also be served as ice cream.

If you want to make it at home, watch the video below and learn!


This is a cocktail from Andalusia that consist of sherry (manzanilla or fino), a soft drink such as Sprite or Seven Up, a lot of ice and peppermint.

Rebujito is the typical drink of Feria de Abril (Seville Fair). However, it is also common during other fairs and romerías.

Is rebujito a brilliant idea or a crime against such a good wine like sherry? Check out what they think about it at the following video.


Among all Spanish drinks, Sangría is by far one of the most popular drinks in Spain.

This is a fruity cocktail which traditionally consists of red wine, chopped fruit, sugar and other ingredients, such spirits or carbonated drinks.

Check out the video to learn how to prepare it.

If after watching the video you feel like preparing some sangría, try using this handmade ceramic pitcher.


Spanish cider is widely popular in Asturias and Basque Country (north of Spain).

It is common to escanciar the cider, which the literal translation is to pour. However, this word refers to the way Spaniards serve the drink. It consists of pouring the drink from above your head down onto the side of the glass. Thus, the oxygen is mixed with the drink which makes it carbonated.

Check out this video and watch how to escanciar the cider.

Tinto de verano

Tinto de verano is common during the summers in Spain and is similar to sangría, but it is easier to make.

Spaniards normally mix 1 part of wine and 1 part of carbonated water to make it. Then, it is served with ice and a few slices of lemon and/or orange.

As you will see in the video, its preparation is very simple.


Vermouth, known as vermut and vermú in Spain, is an aromatized fortified wine.

Tomar el vermú/vermut (“to drink the vermouth”) is a popular expression in Spain that doesn´t mean what it seems. In fact, Spaniards use it to express they want to get a snack usually, before the big meal of the day (about 2pm to 3pm).

Do you want to learn more about this drink? Watch below a very interesting documentary about vermouth in Spain.


Along with sangría, Spanish wine is without a doubt a drink that everybody knows about.

Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world, behind Italy and France and ahead of the United States of America.

Among others, Rioja wine is one of the most popular wines from Spain. Watch below a video about this region and its wines.

Also, check out here a Spanish porron you can use to keep your Spanish wine.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post helps you learn what the most popular Spanish drinks are. I also hope you have the chance to try them and enjoy an authentic Spanish culinary experience.

Would you like to have your own drinks recipes book and try to make them on your own? Click here and a few of them.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

  • Have you ever tried any of these drinks?
  • Which one do you like the most?
  • Do you know about any other drinks from Spain?

Share your answers in the comment section below!

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