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Catchiest Songs to Learn Spanish From Spain

Catchiest Songs to Learn Spanish From Spain

Are you an avid student looking for songs to learn Spanish? Learning any language can be pretty monotonous if you study it old-school way or if your teacher runs out of creativity.

Human beings are easily distracted in this process, especially if we are bound to learn a language because of our work, exam, etc.

But Spanish songs can make all the difference! Of course, we are not suggesting listening to popular Spanish songs is all you need to become proficient, but music can help you discover more creative ways to enjoy the process.

So let’s dive in together into some of the best Spanish songs to learn Spanish!

Importance of Songs to Learn Spanish

When you start learning a language, you cannot help but wonder and somewhat torture yourself with one thing: how will I speak if I don’t know enough grammar?

If you pause for just one minute (or two, or three) to think about the time when you were a kid, you will remember that you can easily memorize any information if you hear it in the form of a song. Take the alphabet as an example. Or a birthday song!

There are obvious reasons we humans retain information much easier if we do it in an enjoyable way like singing.

Of course, don’t fool yourself that you will learn Spanish perfectly just by playing some random Spanish songs or watching Spanish movies. We have to be realistic here.

Sure, it can be helpful to learn Spanish from songs and, in a good deal of scenarios, it can have an impact on your language knowledge. But you won’t speak like a native if you only rely on Spanish songs to learn Spanish.

So, in which way popular Spanish songs can help you then, you might be wondering. Well, first in vocabulary. For instance, Spanish songs about love contain words that you can structure in categories according to feelings, emotions, or even thoughts.

The majority of Spanish songs everybody knows talk about love, friendship, betrayal, sadness, liberty, the world, and so on. See how many different word categories you can learn only by listening to Spanish songs!

Now, before we mention some of the best songs to learn Spanish, here are some tips on how to start.

Girl listening to music on headphones
Girl listening to music on headphones

Find the Lyrics of the Top Spanish Songs

Once you find your favorite songs to learn Spanish, be sure to search for lyrics on the internet. In case you never heard any song in Spanish, which is highly unlikely, we are here to help you by enlisting below the top Spanish songs that are easy to memorize.

The lyrics don’t need to be complicated or with weird words you don’t understand. Look for songs to learn Spanish that are easy to memorize and have a catchy tone. The more you like the music, the more words you will remember. It’s simply psychological.

Pick the Best Spanish Songs That You Like

Whether you like Spanish songs about love or some other song genre, pick one that you really like. As we previously suggested, it doesn’t need to be a complicated song.

On the contrary, better if it isn’t! When you listen to the song that you like, you will memorize the lyrics faster because it’s easier to retain the information if it’s pleasant. It’s like with food: if you don’t like the smell of it, it doesn’t matter if it’s tasty, right?

Learn Lyrics and Sing Along

Today, it’s so much easier to learn a song in any language. If you don’t know the name of the best Spanish songs or you want to learn a random one, go on Google and search ‘Spanish songs everyone knows’.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know it, this keyword will bring up the most popular Spanish songs from Spain. And you might even recognize or like some of them!

Find Songs to Learn Spanish with Clear Pronunciation

Some of the famous Spanish songs have pretty clear lyrics. You must’ve heard of Bandido or Macarena. Who hasn’t? Azúcar Moreno did it so well in the Eurovision contest in 1990 and Los Del Río too! These two top Spanish songs were great hits back in the ’90s. You can literally understand every word they’re singing!

So, popular Spanish songs such as this one are good for improving Spanish because the lyrics are not complicated and the pronunciation is clear.

Whether you like faster or slower Spanish songs, make sure you always choose the one that you can understand.

So, here are our picks for the most famous Spanish songs that can help you polish your Spanish skills! Check them out below:

Un Año de Amor (A Year of Love)

Luz Casal sang one of the most beautiful Spanish songs about love and breakup and there is no discussion about it. Un Año de Amor has a very recognizable music and you probably heard it when you were a kid.

This is a good Spanish song to practice future tense.

Me Gustas Tú (I Like You)

You must know this one! This Manu Chao’s hit traveled the whole world.

Me Gustas Tú meaning I like you is one of the easiest songs to learn Spanish because the lyrics are so simple and the music is catchy.

In this one, you will learn how to use the verb gustar (to like).

La Flaca (The Skinny Girl)

This Spanish song that Jarabe de Palo sings, talks about a girl from Havana that the singer fell in love with. It became one of the top Spanish songs that bands sing during Las Fallas in Valencia.

In the chorus of this song, you will see how you can use the imperfect subjunctive in Spanish.

Ay Mamá (Oh, mom)

With this song, Rigoberta Bandini set all of Spain on fire in 2022. It talks about the importance of a woman as a mother and a woman in general that is not respected the way she should be.

It’s one of those slightly sarcastic songs to learn Spanish and it is good to practice tenses like past perfect, imperative, Spanish conditional, and more.

Corazón Partío (Broken Heart)

Alejandro Sanz did an awesome job with this one. Back in the day, besides being popular, it was included in the category of the best sad Spanish songs.

Besides future tense, you will notice that the form ir a can also be used to express future.

Rosas (Roses)

This is literally one of the Spanish songs everyone knows! It became very popular ever since La Oreja de Van Gogh released it in 2003.

It employs various verb tenses to convey different aspects of the narrative. For instance, the present tense is used to describe ongoing emotions and actions, while the singer uses the past tense to recount past events or express regret.

Dime la Verdad (Tell me the Truth)

You can quickly learn Spanish from songs like this because not only does Marta Sánchez pronounces lyrics loudly and clearly, but because the music has a very calm rhythm.

The song explores themes of love, honesty, and the search for truth within a relationship. As for the grammar, the present simple is used throughout the whole song.

Contigo (With you)

The range of romantic Spanish songs includes the one released by El Canto del Loco in 2008.

In this intense and passionate Spanish song about love, you have a chance to practice prepositions with personal pronouns.


Among many others, Manuela is one of Julio Iglesias’ evergreen romantic Spanish songs. It describes the romantic sentiment and the intensity of the narrator’s feelings toward the girl named Manuela.

Yet another song where you can practice the present simple tense, as well as noun phrases (mi amor/my love, mi vida/my life. etc.) and prepositions (por/for, sin/without).

¡Que Bonito! (How Beautiful!)

“¡Qué Bonito!” by Rosario Flores is an uplifting song that encourages embracing the beauty of life and finding joy in the simplest moments. It conveys a message of gratitude, love, and appreciation of the wonderful aspects of existence.

It’s one of those songs to learn Spanish where you can find a tone of interrogative and exclamatory sentences, as well as adjectives.

Final Thoughts

There are so many songs to learn Spanish but don’t let us be the criteria for you! We mentioned some of the Spanish songs that Spaniards like and still play even though some of them are pretty old. But you know how they say – old but gold!

Songs can help you practice vocabulary and speed, and they can even help you recognize past and future tenses, as well as present tenses.

Choose songs you like or google Spanish songs that are easy to follow. Avoid lyrics where you feel you don’t understand a word they’re saying. Chances are these songs use complex grammar that is beyond your level.

Be that as it may, we suggest you start with the popular Spanish songs we mentioned above. It might not get you to the native level but it will certainly help you boost your spoken Spanish in a way that you will enjoy.

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