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Ser pan comido

Ser Pan Comido: Unraveling the Origins and Significance

Ser Pan Comido


Ser pan comido is a colloquial expression to refer to something that is easy to obtain or do, as Real Academia Española states.

The literally translation in English would be something like ‘to be bread eaten’ and would be equivalent to the idiom ‘to be a piece of cake’.


  • Estudiar español es pan comido. → Studying Spanish is a piece of cake.
  • Con tu experiencia, el trabajo será pan comido.→ With your experience, the job will be a piece of cake.


Some people say it originated during the post Spanish civil war period.

At this time, bread was one of the easiest and cheapest food to get. Also, it doesn’t need further preparation to eat, which was an additional advantage.

Final Thoughts

Now, I would like to hear from you. What is pan comido for you?

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