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Here is a list of all the resources I highly recommend to study and practice Spanish (mainly online).

Everything I mention here is something I use for my online classes, resources I already knew or recently discovered, or I have used myself.

I’ll often update this page to keep up with new resources.

NOTICE: some of the links in this posts are affiliate links. If you purchase something, I will receive a commission. However, your purchase price will remain unchanged.

Apps Resources

Duolingo – A free language learning app mostly for beginners.



Spanish Demystified – Ideal for beginner-intermediate level. It explains concepts in an easy way. Also, it has very realistic examples and a lot of exercises. In addition, it has an English-Spanish glossary in the back and an app. In my opinion, the book is ideal to start getting familiarized with Spanish grammar, or to refresh the rusty Spanish you took years ago.

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice – Ideal for advanced beginner-advanced. It explains grammar concepts more in depth, but always in a simple way. In addition, all the explanations are accompanied by everyday examples and a lot of exercises. Also, it has verb charts at the end and an app. Personally, I find that this is a really good book to get deeper into Spanish grammar and to learn about small details.


El principito – This is a book for beginner readers to start getting used to the language.

Manolito Gafotas – If you have an intermediate level, then this is your book. The book tells stories of a 10 year old boy who lives in Madrid (Spain). A peculiarity of this book is the amount of slang the author uses.

La Sombra del viento – If you are an advanced reader, this book is right for you. The novel takes place in Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War. Specifically, a boy finds a book that will change the direction of his life. Intrigue and secrets are guaranteed.


Why Spanish is Easy – This is an e-book that will teach you simple shortcuts to become confident and fluent at speaking Spanish. It also includes a Spanish Digital Immersion Device Set up Guide and a Spanish Online Immersion Daily Schedule.

Fluent in 3 months: How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World – With this book you will find the practical “language hacks” to start speaking from day one.


Conversation Countdown – This is a course of seven video lessons that will teach you how to have your first conversation with a native speaker in only one week.

Fluent in 3 months premium – This is a course with everything you need to be confident in speaking another language.

Dictionary Resources

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española – A free online dictionary with accurate definitions.

SpanishDict – Also, a free online dictionary. It includes conjugations, examples, translations, synonyms, audio pronunciations, vocabulary, grammar guide, word of the day and forums for questions. This is a very good dictionary to look up the different meanings of a certain word. Also, if you are looking for a ton of examples.

Wordreference – Another free online dictionary. This is a very complete dictionary. It includes conjugations, definitions, examples, translations, synonyms, audio pronunciations and forums for questions.

Headphones for Classes

Logitech USB H390 Headset – The headphones I use for my classes. Some of its features are:

  • Noise-canceling microphone.
  • Microphone mute button.
  • Easy audio control.
  • Padded headband and earcups.
  • USB connector.
  • It works with any Mac or PC.
  • It doesn’t require an additional software.

Movies and Series

The 10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix from Spain – My post with the 10 best Spanish movies from Spain that you will find in Netflix. Unlike most posts, each movie has a section that specifies what you will learn by watching it.

The 10 Best Spanish Series on Netflix from Spain – The same as the last post but for series. Also, each series comes with a ‘what you will learn’ section.


From Spain – Agencia EFE, El Mundo, El País, El ABC, La Vanguardia o El Periódico.

In Spanish – BBC Mundo, CNN español, The New York Times en español or Univision Noticias,

Online Spanish Keyboard

Typeit – This is an online Spanish keyboard to type accent marks, diacritics and other characters online. In order to type the characters, you need to click on them.

Google Translate – Another online Spanish keyboard. With this keyboard, you can type any Spanish character automatically.

Podcasts Resources

Duolingo Spanish Podcast – A free podcast mainly for learners of intermediate level. It is designed for English speakers so they also speak in English. It includes stories of about 20 minutes long with transcripts.

Learn Spanish beginner – Another free podcast lasting from 2-5 minutes, but for beginners. It is also designed for English speakers so English is included in the audios. It mainly includes explanations of grammar concepts.

Popular Posts on ConvoSpanish

The 10 Best Spanish Series on Netflix from Spain – My post with the 10 best Spanish series from Spain that you will find in Netflix. In addition, each series has a section that specifies what you will learn by watching it.

The 10 Top Spanish Movies on Netflix from Spain – The same as the last post but for movies. Also, each movie comes with a ‘what you will learn’ section.

Common Spanish Greetings from Spain – Here you will find a list of the most common greetings from Spain.

Spanish Soccer • Culture, Facts, and Vocabulary – This is a post about the most popular sport in Spain; soccer.



Cadena Dial – Find here music in Spanish, from Spain and Latin America.

Cadena 100 – A radio station with mostly current pop-rock music from everywhere, including Spain.

Europa FM – Here you can listen to mostly current pop-rock music from everywhere, including Spain.

Radiolé – This radio station plays Spanish music, but above all copla (folk music), rumba, flamenco y sevillanas.

Kiss FM – If you like a mix of music from the 80s and 90s and today this is your radio station. In addition, they play music from everywhere, including Spain.


From Spain – Cadena Ser, Cope, Onda Cero or Radio Nacional.

Study and Practice Spanish Resources

ConvoSpanish´s Blog – The blog of ConvoSpanish is free and has a ton of audios to help you practice your listening skills. Here you will find posts about seven different topics: culture, expressions, grammar, resources, tenses, verbs and vocabulary.

Aprender Español – This is a free website with a lot of resources to practice Spanish. They have nine categories: grammar, verbs, vocabulary, exercises, reading, dictation, audios, videos and songs.

Practica español (Agencia EFE) – Another free and very useful page to learn and practice Spanish. It contains five sections: current news, vocabulary, grammar, music and advertisement. Additionally, the news is organized by topics and levels. One of the best features is the amount of videos, audios and exercises.

Lingolia – This is a page with free content where you will find a lot of easy grammar explanations with instant feedback exercises.

SpanishDict – This free website has very good and easy grammar explanations with audios. Also, they include quizzes at the end of most of the lessons.

ThoughtCo. – This is a free website where you will find all sort of information about history and culture, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing skills and grammar. It is designed for all levels.

Verb Conjugations

Online – Spanishdict, Wordreference and Linguasorb (with audios and quizzes).

Hardcover – 601 Spanish Verbs Book – A book of 601 verbs fully conjugated. In addition, it contains some explanations about verbs, activities and a free conjugation app for Apple devices.

Youtube Channels


10 Best Channels to Learn Spanish on YouTube – My post with the 10 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish for free.


From Spain – Agencia EFE, RTVE, El Mundo, El País, La Vanguardia.

In Spanish – BBC Mundo, CNN en español, The New York Times en español.