Manolito Gafotas


The book tells the stories of a 10-year-old boy who lives in a neighborhood Carabanchel, in Madrid (Spain). A peculiarity of this book is the amount of slang the author uses.

If you have an intermediate level, then this is your book.



Manolito Gafotas, as everyone in his neighborhood of Carabanchel (Alto) knows him, is a talkative boy who lives with his parents, his grandfather Nicolás and his little brother, the Imbécil, and who is always willing to tell his vision of things. Together with his best friend, Orejones López, and his greatest enemy, the chulito Yihad, the return to Diego Velázquez school becomes an adventure. The arrival of a new school friend, Paquito Medina, a date in the Hanged Tree with Susana, and the happiest birthday of his grandfather Nicolás are some of the memorable events in the first book about Manolito Gafotas.


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