La Sombra del Viento


The novel takes place in Barcelona after the Spanish Civil War. Specifically, a boy finds a book that will change the direction of his life. Intrigue and secrets are guaranteed.

If you are an advanced reader, then this is the right book for you.



One dawn in 1945, a boy is led by his father to a mysterious hidden place in the heart of the old city: the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. There, Daniel Sempere finds a cursed book that changes the course of his life and drags him into a maze of intrigues and secrets buried in the dark soul of the city. The La Sombra del Viento is a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century, from the last splendors of Modernism to the darkness of the postwar period.

Combining the techniques of the intrigue and suspense story, the historical novel, and the comedy of manners, La Sombra del Viento is above all a tragic love story whose echo is projected through time.


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