How to Order Coffee eBook


How to Order Coffee is one of our eBooks regarding specific situations. Learn the vocabulary of how to order coffee like a real Spaniard!

Instead of buying All Packs, you can now purchase individual eBooks.


Our individual How to Order Coffee eBook is out! We are now offering topics from our Boost Your Everyday Spanish from Spain separately, so you know what to say in different everyday situations you can find yourself in during your stay in Spain.

If you want to know how to order coffee in Spain, our eBook is your ally. Learn what types of coffee are served in Spain and how to order them, a coffee to go or to have at the bar.

We included as many “coffee” situations as possible, so you can choose accordingly.

What Does This eBook Include?

How to Order Coffee eBook includes the following sections:

  • Nouns
    • General
    • Types of coffee
  • Verbs
  • Phrases

Benefits of the How to Order Coffee eBook:

Besides improving your Spanish, these phrases and vocabulary will make you sound natural, polite, and friendly. 

Knowing this vocabulary will give you more confidence when ordering your coffee in Spanish and will save your morning!

The reason why we separated our All Packs into individual eBooks is that it is easier for you to go over one topic at a time and master it step by step. You can then go back to it anytime you want and revise the vocabulary you learned. 

Print it out and take it anywhere with you!

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How to Order Coffee eBook is created in PDF format. We will send them to you digitally as soon as we receive your purchase.

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