Conversations On the Phone Audio & eBook


One of our audio and eBooks, Conversations On the Phone, talks about particular scenarios. Learn how to make or end a phone call like a true Spaniard, as well as the appropriate terminology that goes with it!

In addition to this one, take a look at our All Packs or individual audio and eBooks available for boosting your Spanish skills.


Our individual audio and eBook Conversations On the Phone are now available! To help you prepare for the various everyday scenarios you can encounter while visiting Spain, we are now selling the topics from our Boost Your Everyday Spanish From Spain All Packs audio and eBook separately.

You need to be familiar with this vocabulary in order to initiate and answer a phone call in Spanish. These details can influence how a conversation will go with anyone.

We tried to cover as many phone-related scenarios as we could, so you can choose accordingly.

What Do These Audio & eBook Include?

  • 6 sections about conversations on the phone:
    • How to Start a Phone Call
      • Informal
      • Formal
    • How to Answer a Phone Call
      • Informal
      • Formal
    • How to End a Phone Conversation
      • Informal
      • Formal
    • When There Is Confusion on the Phone
      • Informal
      • Formal
    • Other Useful Phrases
    • Vocabulary Related to Phone Calls
      • Nouns
      • Verbs
  • Spanish/English translations
  • Audios with a real person’s voice

Benefits of the Conversations On the Phone Audio & eBook

When you are required to take a call, knowing how to answer or terminate a discussion in Spanish will make you sound and feel more assured.

In no time, you will become more fluent in spoken Spanish in Spain. You might wonder why. You can learn words and phrases that you might need if you have to do any paperwork or make appointments over the phone by using the vocabulary associated with answering the phone.

What’s good about this is that we included the audio too. This will help you improve your listening skills and you can play it over and over again to practice the pronunciation.

Each audio and eBook can now be purchased separately. Because it is simpler for you to go over one topic at a time and master it step by step, we divided our All Packs into separate audio and eBooks. After that, you can review the words you learned whenever you choose.

Print this eBook and take it wherever you go and save the audio on your phone!

Instant Digital Delivery

Conversations On the Phone eBook is created in PDF format and the audio is in MP3. We will send them to you digitally as soon as we receive your purchase.

Additional Information

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