Conversation Countdown - Course (RECOMMENDED PRODUCT ✅)


A course of seven video lessons that will teach you how to have your first conversation with a native speaker in only one week.



Conversation Countdown is a step-by-step, seven day video course (delivered via email) where you’ll learn to have a conversation with a native speaker in just one week.

Learning a language is difficult. It’s probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever take on. But it doesn’t have to be hard work.

When you enjoy learning a language – because you’re connecting with real people from other cultures – it feels easy.

In Conversation Countdown, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find native speakers of your target language to chat with no matter where you live
  • Beat the awkward feeling you get when you start speaking another language
  • Take the plunge and speak in front of other people
  • Immerse yourself in your target language, just like children do when they’re learning a language
  • Choose the words that are best for you to learn – so you don’t waste time learning unnecessary words
  • Create a “mission-mentality” to strategize your learning
  • Become a self-driven, independent language learner
  • Start speaking a language faster, before you think you’re ready
  • Have your first real conversation with a real person in your target language
  • Conversation Countdown is made up of seven lessons that you can complete in as little as one week.

In each lesson, you get a mini-mission that helps you accomplish your language goals. Each mission builds up to the bigger goal of having a simple conversation in your target language.

You can share your progress with other students, and track your own progress against theirs.

This video series guides you, step-by-step, through the process of building toward your first conversation.


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