Clara – Spanish Short Film Worksheet


Are you tired of boring language classes and endless vocabulary repeating? With our interactive Spanish Short Film Worksheet Clara, you now have the opportunity to boost your spoken Spanish in a new and fun way. Enjoy while learning!


This short Spanish film worksheet is crafted with the intention to help you improve your everyday Spanish in an interactive way.

Clara is a Spanish short where actors use the present perfect tense often, so you’ll practice it through the dialog in this movie.

It will not only assist you in the listening part but it will also help you to practice pronunciation. 

The good thing is the movie is not too long, so you can go back and forth if you missed something or you didn’t understand some words.

Watching this or other short Spanish movies will get your mind focused on vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, especially the usage of tenses.

After watching this short, you will complete different types of exercises. In case of any doubt about how to complete them, we included short explanations so you know exactly what to do.

Watching movies is a great way to enjoy learning a language! Start right now!

Benefits of the Spanish Short Film Worksheet:

  • It will help you improve your listening and pronunciation skills
  • The vocabulary and exercises section are designed to assist you in learning new vocabulary, expressions, and Spanish slang.
  • With the grammar section and exercises that go with it, the grammar rules will be clearer to you.
  • The exercise sections are designed to help you boost your vocabulary, and grammar and understand the plot better.

What Does This Spanish Short Film Worksheet Include?

  • A vocabulary section that offers an explanation of the most difficult words and expressions from the short movie
  • A review section that summarizes what you will learn in regard to the grammar and vocabulary
  • Three sections with exercises (fill the gap, true or false, and questions) regarding grammar, vocabulary, and plot of the short movie.

How will this help my Spanish?

  • You will improve your listening and pronunciation skills in a jiffy.
  • The vocabulary and exercises section we crafted are there to assist you in learning new vocabulary, expressions, and slang, so that you sound like a true Spaniard!
  • Thanks to the grammar section and exercises that go along with it, you are going to understand the grammar rules better.

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