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How to make a phone call in Spanish

How to Make a Phone Call in Spanish

We cannot deny that making a phone call in Spanish when you are not quite fluent in the language is hard. It is perhaps, one of the hardest things for Spanish language learners.

When you are speaking by phone, you are not able to use all your senses that help you guess what the person on the other side of the line is saying. For example, you cannot see the other person´s facial expressions that would likely tell a lot about how they are feeling.

In addition, you are limited to only using your voice instead of also using your hands to make signs that would help you be understood.

Because I know how hard is to make a phone call in a language different from your mother language, I made this post.

Here you will find the vocabulary you need to talk on the phone like a Spaniard. Additionally, there are plenty of examples with audios to practice your listening skills.

How to Start a Phone call in Spanish

In my opinion, starting a phone call in a foreign language is easier than answering one. Before making the phone call, you have the chance to practice and prepare yourself for it. In this way, you have an idea of what to say.

Find below the most common phrases Spaniards use when starting a phone conversation.


Hola, soy... ¿Está...?
Hello, I am... Is...there?
Hola, soy... ¿Se puede poner...?
Hello, I am... ¿Can...get to the phone?


Buenos días, ¿podría hablar con...?
Good morning, could I speak to...?
Buenas tardes, ¿se encuentra...?
Good afternoon, is...there?
Hola, ¿puedo hablar con...?
Hello, can I speak to...?
Hola, quisiera hablar con…
Hello, I would like to speak to...
Buenas noches, me gustaría hablar con...
Good evening, I would like to speak to...

How Spaniards Answer a Phone Call

From my point of view, answering a phone call in a second language is usually more challenging. You may not be expecting the call and thus, you are not prepared for it.

Start getting ready to answer a phone call in Spanish by using the following vocabulary.


Hello or yes?


Buenos días, habla...

Good morning, this is...
Buenos días, le atiende...
Good morning, this is...
Hola, me llamo... ¿En qué puedo/podría ayudarle?
Hello, my name is... How can/could I help you?

How to End a Phone Conversation in Spanish

Ending a conversation by phone in Spanish is similar to ending a conversation in person.

Find below the most common ways to end a phone conversation in Spanish.


Take care
Hasta luego
See you later or talk to you later
Hasta pronto
See you soon or talk to you soon
Hasta la próxima
See you next time or until next time
Ya hablamos
Ya hablaremos
Talk to you later
Speak to you later
Nos vemos
See you
Que tengas un buen día
Have a good day
Que (te) vaya bien
I hope everything goes well or I hope it goes well


Take care
Gracias, muy amable
Thanks, you have been kind/helpful
Gracias por llamar
Thanks for calling
Gracias por su llamada
Thanks for your call
Ha sido un placer hablar con usted
It has been a pleasure to talk/talking to you
¡Que le vaya bien!
I hope everything goes well
I hope it goes well
¡Que tenga un buen día!
I hope you have a good day

When There is Confusion Over the Phone

There is nothing worse than having problems when you are on the phone, such as loosing service. This can lead to a lot of confusion and sometimes, to very awkward conversations.

To escape from an awkward moment, use the sentences below.


No te oigo
I cannot hear you
¿Puedes repetirlo?

Can you repeat it?
¿Puedes explicármelo de nuevo/otra vez?
Could you explain it to me again?
¿Me oyes?
Can you hear me?
¿Sigues ahí?
Are you still there?
No te oigo muy bien
I cannot hear you very well
¿Qué dices?

What are you saying?
Parece que no hay cobertura
It seems there is no service/coverage


Perdone, no le escucho
Sorry, I cannot hear you
¿Puede repetirlo, por favor?
Can you repeat it, please?
¿Podría repetirlo, por favor?
Could you repeat it, please?
¿Podría explicármelo de nuevo/otra vez, por favor?
Could you explain it to me again, please?
¿Sigue ahí?
Are you still there?
No le oigo muy bien
I cannot hear you very well
¿Qué decía?
¿Qué dijo?
What were you saying?
What did you say?
Parece que no hay cobertura
It seems there is no service/coverage

Spanish Vocabulary Related to Phone Calls

Are you having a conversation related to phone calls?

Keep reading to find the vocabulary of nouns and verbs you need for that.


El contestador automático
Answering machine
La guía telefónica
Phone book
La llamada
La línea telefónica
Phone line
El mensaje de voz
El mensaje (de texto)
Text message
El número de teléfono
Phone number
El teléfono
El (teléfono) fijo
El (teléfono) móvil
Cell phone


Enviar/mandar un mensaje de texto

To text
To hang up
To call
To dial
Mantenerse a la espera
To hold on
To ring

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post helps you better understand the proper way making a phone call in Spanish.

If you want, I can help you practice with this vocabulary by using it while having a conversation during our online Spanish conversation classes.

Finally, I would love to hear from you.

  • Do you feel comfortable talking by phone in Spanish?
  • How did your first phone conversation in Spanish go?
  • Have you ever had any awkward moments on the phone when speaking in Spanish?

Share your answers in the comment section below!

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