Because Practice is What You Need!
Online Spanish classes

Online Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish with Free Podcasts!

Why should You Take ConvoSpanish Online Spanish Classes?

Our customized online classes are tailored to your needs so you can practice Spanish with Inés, a native speaker from Spain .

The main focus is on the practice of speaking and listening skills through conversation. We at ConvoSpanish believe this is the winning combination for you to venture into speaking Spanish with no fear.

Perks of Spanish Online Classes

🗸 We teach Spanish from Spain

🗸 The classes are customized

🗸 You will learn by practicing

🗸 Classes are online, so you don’t waste time traveling

🗸 Class schedule is flexible, we always start on time

🗸 Our online Spanish classes are way cheaper than other conventional classes

What Are Our Online Spanish Classes About?

At ConvoSpanish, we are all about practice. Without it, your spoken Spanish could remain on the basic level, and you don’t want that. You will, for sure, know how to order food in Spain, but will you be able to talk about a football game in more detail, or something even more serious?

From our experience, the best way to learn a language is through practice, instead of just memorizing vocabulary after every lesson.

Just like a puzzle, without a key piece, you won’t be able to solve it.

ConvoSpanish team

A conversation helps you connect words with grammar, so you can form sentences, the same way listening boosts your pronunciation.

That is why conversational Spanish is the key part we focus on the most during our online classes: daily conversations and everyday Spanish you can hear on the streets.

Having a conversation with a native speaker will give you a real experience of what it is like to be in a Spanish-speaking environment.

And not just that! Thanks to Ines’ background in science, she can also assist you with the scientific Spanish, in case you need it.

Who Are Our Online Spanish Classes For?

In short, for everybody who is:

🗸 Interested in conversational Spanish with a native speaker from Spain

🗸 Wants to practice and improve your pronunciation

🗸 From the USA (we do not exclude other countries in the same/similar time zone either)

🗸 Traveler (especially if you plan to visit Spain)

🗸 Has any connection to Spain

🗸 Language lover

🗸 Health care professional

Goals of Online Spanish classes

In your online Spanish classes you will:

🗸 Discuss the topics you are interested in and/or work on the skills you want to improve

🗸 Correct your pronunciation and grammar

🗸 Improve your listening and speaking skills

Materials We Use During Class

We use different materials such as:

🗸 Articles and texts you find interesting

🗸 Videos and movies about topics you like

After you’ve read or watched the material, you will discuss it in class with your teacher and practice your speaking and listening skills.

The classes are interactive, and Inés always makes them as fun as possible. So, get ready to enjoy while learning Spanish because this is the goal of ConvoSpanish – to fall in love with the language, not just to learn how to use it.

What These Online Classes Are Not

If you sign up for online Spanish lessons expecting them to be the same as a bunch of other courses out there, you will be disappointed because ConvoSpanish is not the place for:

⨉ Monotonous and repetitive classes

⨉ Endless repetition of lessons and vocabulary until you faint

⨉ Little to no conversational practice

⨉ Boring homework (this one you will actually like!)

⨉ Struggling to learn

What These Online Classes Are

Our motto Because practice is what you need is there because we mean it!

Spanish Online Classes at ConvoSpanish are:

🗸 Practice, practice, and more practice

🗸 Discussions about the material shared with you

🗸 Choosing the topic you like and discussing it in the class

🗸 Watching movies and videos in Spanish

🗸 Solving your grammar doubts

🗸 Fun

To help you get the best out of the online Spanish classes, we will provide you with the material, such as grammar explanations and exercises. In the class, you focus on the practice through different exercises and activities and apply what you’ve learned by having a conversation with your teacher.

What The Online Classes Include

🗸 Conversation with a native speaker from Spain

🗸 Correction of grammar and pronunciation

🗸 Speaking and listening

🗸 Answering your questions (as many as you have)

🗸 Tips to master Spanish

🗸 Material and activities/exercises for the class and homework

🗸 Correction of homework

Types of Online Spanish Classes


🗸 Online one-on-one Spanish conversation class (via Skype or Google Meet) with a native speaker from Spain

🗸 20-minute classes for just $2 (for free if you subscribe to our newsletter!)

🗸 Language level evaluation

🗸 Discuss your goals

🗸 Answer your questions


🗸 Online one-on-one conversation classes (Skype or Google Meet)

🗸 Individual, customized program

🗸 All levels are available:

● Beginner: You know enough Spanish grammar, but you struggle to start a conversation.

● Intermediate: Definitely not a beginner, you know your way with grammar, and want to practice and improve your conversation skills.

● Advanced: Almost a grammar expert! You’re looking to practice and master your conversation skills.

🗸 Your teacher is a native speaker from Spain.

🗸 Classes of 30, 45 and 60 minutes are available starting at $19.

🗸 Choose between one single class or one of the four different class packages (5, 10, 15, or 20) with the discounted price.



Class Package20 minutes
1$2/class or free when you subscribe


Class Packages1 hour45 minutes30 minutes
5 (SAVE= $5)$26/class= $130$24/class= $120$22/class= $110
10 (SAVE= $20)$25/class= $250$23/class= $230$21/class= $210
15 (SAVE= $45)
$24/class= $360$22/class= $330$20/class= $300
20 (SAVE= $80)
$23/class= $460*$21/class= $420$19/class= $380

*The most popular package!

Start Learning!

See it for yourself! Schedule your trial class!

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Keep Learning!

After the trial class, feel free to enroll in other online Spanish conversation classes at ConvoSpanish!

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Additional Information

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James Pointer MD

He tomado lecciones de Inés por más de 6 meses. He estado intentando aprender y perfeccionar mi español durante unos 40 años y he tomado cientos de lecciones y clases a lo largo de los años. De todas esas clases, he aprendido más de Inés. Por supuesto, ella es una gran hablante nativa y entiende Continue Reading

James Pointer Retired Physician

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