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Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading

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Why ConvoSpanish Editing and Proofreading Service?

  • Is Spanish not your first language?
  • Did you just write a document in Spanish and are not very happy with the results?
  • Do you need someone to review what you wrote so that you sound like a native?
  • Do you need to practice your Spanish writing skills?

If some of these answers are yes, ConvoSpanish´s online editing and proofreading service is right for you. 😉


We don´t just tell you the errors, we correct them for you.


Compared to an offline service, online editing and proofreading is more convenient and faster.

Don’t waste time commuting or printing anything. Everything is done online.


Our editors and proofreaders are native Spanish speakers from Barcelona, Spain, who are proficient in English.


Compared to others, ConvoSpanish´s services are cheaper.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, ConvoSpanish is run from a home office, avoiding high rent rates for an office. Also, the investment for an online business is usually much lower than for a “normal” business. Finally, ConvoSpanish doesn’t provide editing and proofreading services for official documents.

What Are the Editing and Proofreading Services About?


We work on your text in Spanish to optimize its:

  • Flow.
  • Quality.
  • Structure.


We work on Spanish documents that require a final check for minor mistakes:

  • Grammatical.
  • Punctuation.
  • Spelling.


We offer editing and proofreading services for personal and standard purposes. In addition, we edit and proofread documents with technical vocabulary related to science.


We offer our services for short texts (maximum 1000 words).

We work with a broad variety of documents, such as:

  • Resumes for careers in sciences.
  • Cover letters.
  • Emails.
  • Letters.
  • Travel papers.
  • Advertisements.
  • Social media posts and comments.
  • Simple web content.
  • Text messages.
  • A story.
  • etc.

A Simple Process

Our services could not be easier.

  • First, contact us here to check our availability and deadlines, and to let us know what you need.
  • Pay through the link we will send you.
  • Then, you will send us the document (Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer or OpenOffice Writer) by email.
  • Finally, you will get your edited and proofread document by email.

What Will You Receive

You will receive two documents.

The first document will have:

  • Grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, and typos pointed out.
  • Suggestions to improve its flow, quality and structure.

Also, you will receive a second document with:

  • Grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, and typos corrected.
  • Changes to improve its flow, quality and structure.


We have different prices according to your needs.

Document Packages250 words500 words1000 words
1$0.05/word= $12.5$0.05/word= $25$0.05/word= $50
5 (SAVE= $5)$0.046/word= $57.5$0.048/word= $120$0.049/word= $245
10 (SAVE= $20)$0.042/word= $105$0.046/word= $230$0.048/word= $480
15 (SAVE= $45)$0.038/word= $142.5$0.044/word= $330$0.047/word= $705

Additional Information

Check out our Terms and Conditions Policy page for more information.

James Pointer MD

He tomado lecciones de Inés por más de 6 meses. He estado intentando aprender y perfeccionar mi español durante unos 40 años y he tomado cientos de lecciones y clases a lo largo de los años. De todas esas clases, he aprendido más de Inés. Por supuesto, ella es una gran hablante nativa y entiende Continue Reading

James Pointer Retired Physician

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Lora de la Cruz

Inés is an astute Spanish teacher. She is very knowledgeable, is very astute, and pays attention to detail. She listens, converses, provides proper Spanish grammar and pronunciation, and prompts me to talk more so that I am practicing more. My Spanish has improved a lot from the sessions with Inés and I highly recommend her!

Lora de la Cruz

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Joe Kilcullen

Ines, is an excellent instructor. She is readily available and extremely patient. Her hourly rate is extremely fair and there are discounts for purchasing packages (I have purchased the largest package twice). Ines' command of both the English and Spanish language is remarkable. I have found over the 2+ months of twice a week sessions, Continue Reading

Joe Kilcullen Computer Sales

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Inés está totalmente capacitada para ayudarte a mejorar tus habilidades de conversación en español. Es una hablante nativa de español que domina a la perfección el inglés. En mi caso, Inés me ha ayudado a mejorar mis habilidades de conversación en inglés en varias ocasiones. Ella es paciente, sabe sacar conversación y te motiva para Continue Reading

Susana Bióloga molecular

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ConvoSpanish has helped me improve my Spanish tremendously. Not only are the lessons extremely helpful, but the posts about Spain and their culture has been super interesting. For example, just the other day, I was reading in Spanish an article about best places in Spain to live. One paragraph described Val d'Aran as being in Continue Reading

Nate GIS specialist

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Krista Merandi

¡Me encantan las clases de Inés! Llevo tres años tomando sus clases de conversación (nivel intermedio) y noto que mi nivel ha mejorado mucho. Inés me ayuda a dominar la gramática difícil, aumentar mi vocabulario, y hablar con más fluidez. Tiene mucha paciencia y conocimiento de la lengua española y la cultura. Sus clases son Continue Reading

Krista Merandi Speech Pathologist Ed.D. CCC-SLP, Miami Dade County Public Schools

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Lenora Henderson

I have been taking online Spanish classes with ConvoSpanish for the past three months and have seen a tremendous improvement in my conversation skills and overall confidence speaking Spanish. I work in health care and have frequent use for Spanish in my job. But, because I’m a therapist and need to communicate and connect with Continue Reading

Lenora Henderson Occupational Therapist

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Miller Walker

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Inés for over two years now. She has been very influential in my language-learning journey. I really appreciate her attention to detail in helping me correct little mistakes here and there. We have full conversations in Spanish in which we discuss a myriad of topics, from TV shows to Continue Reading

Miller Walker Teacher

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Haley Lynch

As someone who has always taken Spanish classes in-person, I had some hesitancy about taking classes online. However, after my initial trial class with Inés, I knew that I had found a wonderful teacher and that these classes would be one of the best investments I could make. Inés is very professional and dedicated to Continue Reading

Haley Lynch Nursing

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Tara Mattie

I began Online Spanish Conversation 1 hour sessions with Inés in late February 2020. My husband has been recommending her sessions to me since he began at least 9 months ago and now I understand why. With Inés, she asks me questions and I get to talk in Spanish during the entire hour. We usually Continue Reading

Tara Mattie Systems Engineer involved in Process Improvement, Project Management, Production Management in the Aerospace Industry; Currently Retired and now a full-time Ocean Surfer & Spanish Learner

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James Krampert

I first used the ConvoSpanish editing and proofreading service when I needed to write a business letter in Spanish. I needed the expertise of a native Spanish speaker to make sure the letter was saying what I wanted to say. I provided two different texts of my letter: one was in English that represented what Continue Reading

James Krampert Retired engineer

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My name is Laura, and I am an academic tutor for students in grades K-12. While I primarily tutor students in English and History, I also offer some Spanish support for interested students. I began taking individual Spanish conversation classes with Ines to brush up on and advance my Spanish skills in order to better Continue Reading

Laura Academic Tutor

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James Pointer MD

My daughter and I needed a professional announcement to sell our apartment in Barcelona-one that sounded like someone in Spain had written it. I looked at other for sale advertisements on Idealista and elsewhere, and I tried to copy the style and tone of the good ones. I exhausted my intermediate level Spanish in composing Continue Reading

James Pointer MD Retired Physician

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Alan Blank

Having one-hour weekly speaking lessons with Ines has really helped me improve my Spanish speaking. Through years of studying Spanish in school I had learned most of the grammar I needed, but because I rarely practiced speaking I could hardly speak at all. After a few months of weekly sessions with Ines, I feel much Continue Reading

Alan Blank Marketer

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