Spanish Food

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While Italy and France are very well known for their food, Spanish food doesn´t have anything to envy. What´s more, Spain has a lot of popular plates. For example, who hasn´t heard about paella or jamón?

The country offers a wide variety of dishes. Do you feel like eating meat? Then, try jamón. Are you vegetarian? Try pisto, a plate with all sorts of vegetables. Anything you want to eat, you can probably find it in Spain.

Also, Spaniards use a broad variety of ingredients for their dishes. One key ingredient is olive oil. Olive oil is present in most of the plates Spaniards prepare, including cooking with it.

In addition, snacks are served in Spain as tapas. It´s common in some parts of Spain to get a free tapa when ordering a drink. Tapas are such an important part of Spanish cuisine that going out to eat tapas has its own verb: tapear.

Regarding food culture, the social aspect behind food matters a lot. When Spaniards socialize, it is usually around a table with food at a bar, restaurant or home. Food in Spain brings people together.

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