Spanish Drinks

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spain? Is it all those beautiful Mediterranean beaches or food, like paella, tortilla de patatas, or gazpacho?

Well, we can’t exclude drinks though. Spanish gastronomy is pretty well-known around the world and with a reason!

However, people usually only think of Spanish food when they hear the word gastronomy but it includes drinks too!

Citrus, sweet, hot, cold, strong, you name it! Spaniards drink many sorts of drinks but one thing is sure – all the drinks are delicious!

We all know beer is served everywhere, but have you heard of a rebujito? Or maybe a calimocho?

Whether you heard of a cortado or carajillo, or horchata and sangría, check out the signature Spanish drinks you can enjoy if you travel to Spain. We promise you won’t regret ordering any of these!