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The 10 Best Spanish Series on Netflix from Spain

The 10 Best Spanish Series on Netflix from Spain

Just like we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts about Spanish movies, watching TV shows and movies, or any TV program is, without a doubt, a good way to learn and practice the language.

We all binge-watch Netflix anyways, so why not take advantage and learn something from it, such as Spanish?

When you watch a Netflix Spanish series, you learn and practice the language in a more fun way compared to attending classes or using textbooks. You will especially practice your listening skills and pronunciation and learn new vocabulary, expressions, slang, and culture. Indeed, watching a series is a powerful learning experience.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend turning the subtitles on, it will help you understand better and work on your reading skills. However, once you get to a certain level of Spanish, don’t use subtitles for Spanish series on Netflix. Push yourself and try to understand the plot and scenes through the context, images, and the few words or sentences you can comprehend.

That being said, we will recommend you some of the best Spanish series on Netflix to watch and practice all the things we mentioned above.

The Top 10 Spanish Series on Netflix from Spain

Money Heist

Money Heist (La casa de papel) is a thriller that was originally created as a limited Netflix Spanish series on the Spanish network Antena 3. Then, Netflix edited it and released it worldwide.

Soon after, it became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix.  Also, it became the first Spanish series to win an International Emmy award for being the best drama series.

Although it’s not new Spanish series on Netflix, it ranked first on the platform for several months.


It’s a story of a group of robbers who want to carry out the perfect robbery. For that, they plan to assault the Royal Mint of Spain. A man, who calls himself The Professor, is in charge of recruiting the team of robbers and showing them how to execute his perfect plan.

What you will learn

The language in this Spanish series on Netflix is very colloquial and sometimes even improper. Therefore, you will learn a ton of slang and more than one cuss word.

Locked Up

Locked Up (Vis a vis) is one of the best Spanish series on Netflix produced by Globomedia, first for Spanish Network Antena 3 and then for Fox Spain.


This Netflix Spanish series is about a woman who breaks the law for the boss who she fell in love with. Consequently, she is accused of several crimes and she is imprisoned. The story mainly follows her while she’s doing her jail time.

What you will learn

The language in this show is often very colloquial, thus, you will learn a lot of slang. In addition, just like Money Heist, the language can be considered improper and you will hear a lot of cuss words. Also, you will get familiar with the vocabulary used in Spanish prisons.

The Innocent

The Innocent (El inocente) is a mystery thriller miniseries based on the novel by Harlan Coben and stars Mario Casas and José Coronado.


This Spanish series on Netflix tells the story of an ex-convict who accidentally killed a man. Just as he rebuilds his life, he receives a phone call that will bring him back to the nightmare.

What you will learn

Besides learning general vocabulary, you will pick up some colloquial Spanish.

In addition, this Netflix Spanish series largely takes place in Barcelona. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy some of the sceneries of this beautiful city and the surrounding areas.

Paquita Salas

Paquita Salas is a comedy show created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. It is similar to the popular show The Office and its episodes are around 20 minutes long.


This one is among some of the best Spanish series on Netflix and it tells the story of a talent agent who after losing one of her most famous clients, has to reinvent herself while searching for new stars to represent.

What You Will Learn

The language in this Netflix Spanish series is colloquial and thus, you will learn a ton of slang.

The Cable Girls

The Cable Girls, (Las chicas del cable) is a Spanish drama originally produced by Netflix in 2016.


The series takes place in Madrid in the 1920s. It tells the stories of four different women who start working at the most important phone company in the country. As one of the best Spanish series on Netflix, it is full of drama, romance, comedy, jealousy, and mystery.

What you will learn

The language in this show is formal. Therefore, you will learn a more proper way to speak Spanish without too much slang.

Additionally, through this Spanish series on Netflix, you will learn about the culture and society of Spain during the 1920s.


Elite (Élite) is a teen drama crime series that was produced by Zetas Producciones for Netflix in 2018.


This hot Spanish series on Netflix is centered on three middle-class teenagers who are given scholarships to study in one of the most prestigious schools in Spain. The confrontation between them and the elite students will lead to murder and the search for answers.

What you will learn

Get familiar with colloquial Spanish by watching this show! Besides learning general vocabulary, you will pick up some specific vocabulary related to school.

Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo is an action crime drama series produced by Vancouver Media and stars the famous Verónica Sánchez and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.


This Spanish series on Netflix is about three prostitutes who try to obtain freedom by running away from their pimp and his henchman.

What you will learn

The language in this hot Spanish series on Netflix is very colloquial and even vulgar, given that the plot is about a brothel. So, be ready to learn a ton of slang and a lot of cuss words.

Unauthorized Living

Unauthorized Living (Vivir sin permiso) is a drama based on Manuel Rivas’ novel (Vivir sin permiso y otras historias de Oeste) starring José Coronado, Álex González, and Claudia Traisac.


The series is about a drug dealer who acts as a successful businessman. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he keeps it away from his family and starts thinking about who can be his successor.

What you will learn

Besides general vocabulary, you will pick up some vocabulary related to drugs.

Additionally, the series takes place in Galicia, therefore, be ready to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this region, its customs, and gastronomy.


Velvet is a Spanish drama produced by Bambú Producciones for Antena 3 in 2014.


This Netflix Spanish series is set in the late 1950s at one of the most important fashion houses in Madrid. It explains the business and follows the love story between the heir of the company and one of the seamstresses, followed by intrigue and some tragic events.

What you will learn

This show will help you learn a lot of Spanish business and clothing vocabulary. An interesting thing is that you will also discover the styles Spaniards wore during the late 1950s.

In our opinion, this one is definitely one of the best Spanish TV shows on Netflix.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Spanish drama television series Wrong Side of the Tracks (Entrevías), starring José Coronado, Nona Sobo, and Luis Zahera, was created by David Bermejo and premiered on Telecinco on February 1, 2022.


A frustrated military veteran intervenes when his adolescent granddaughter is victimized by the drug traffickers who have taken over his neighborhood.

What You Will Learn

The language you will hear at this show is mainly informal, so you will be able to learn some colloquial words and even some cusswords.

Also, two of the main characters are from Cuba and Colombia, so you will hear different Spanish accents and probably pick up some words from Latin American Spanish.

In addition, the show takes place in the poorest neighborhood in Madrid and you will have a chance to see what it’s like living here.

Final Thoughts

Remember that learning a foreign language such as Spanish is not something you can do overnight. However, there are a lot of things that can help you master it and what’s best, do it in a fun way.

One thing is sure: learning Spanish or any other language should never be boring. This is why watching the best Spanish series on Netflix can help you improve many aspects of the language. You will be exposed to Spanish language and vocabulary, as well as different Spanish accents, that will help a better pronunciation.

By observing how sentences are constructed in real-life situations, you’ll develop a better understanding of Spanish grammar and syntax. You’ll start to notice patterns and how verb tenses, articles, and other elements are used.

So, for starters turn on subtitles and start taking notes. Pause and rewind, if necessary. Repeat any new words you hear. And then, if possible, discuss the TV show you just watched with someone. Also, there is a great tool that can enhance your learning experience while watching Spanish series: Lingopie. This web-based software includes two sets of subtitles (in your native language and the target language) and offers instant translations when you click on unfamiliar words. In addition, you can review what you learned with interactive flashcards.

Now, have you watched any of these series? Which one did you like the most? Do you know any other Spanish series?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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