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About ConvoSpanish

About ConvoSpanish

What do You Need to Know About ConvoSpanish?

There are a few main things you need to know about ConvoSpanish.

First of all, the founder and owner is me, Inés, and I am a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona, Spain.

Also, it is my goal to help you practice Spanish online, above all your conversational skills.

Furthermore, my history of living in different countries and traveling around the world made me found out how fascinating teaching my native language is. This gives me the opportunity to travel without going far, traveling through the stories I hear from the students.

Finally, I like helping people and I feel that through teaching Spanish I can help improve a skill that nowadays is essential; languages.

What do You Need to Know About Inés?


I went to University of Barcelona in Spain, and earned my Bachelor’s in Biology. During my Bachelor I did an internship (Erasmus programme) in Bergen, Norway, where I gained experience in my field.

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry through the University of Montana from Missoula, USA.


I have worked in my field, but also in a lot of other sectors. Because of my diverse work experience, I easily adapt to different types of jobs.

However, during the last four years I have focused on helping students of Spanish as a second language to practice and improve their Spanish conversation skills.


Spanish is my mother language and Catalan is my second language, a co-official language of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain, since I grew up in Catalonia.

Therefore, English is my third language, which I studied in school for around six years. However, after all those years, I was only able to speak very basic English. It wasn’t until after high school, when I started practicing English by myself and through non-conventional “classes” that I really learned how to speak in English. Then, after living abroad for a while, I have become much more fluent.

How Can I help You?

I created ConvoSpanish with the belief that a language is better learned through practice rather than just memorization. Thus, the focus on ConvoSpanish is to offer resources with which you can practice Spanish.

The resources that ConvoSpanish offer are the following:

What do They Say About ConvoSpanish?

James Pointer

He tomado lecciones de Inés por más de 6 meses. He estado intentando aprender y perfeccionar mi español durante unos 40 años y he tomado cientos de lecciones y clases a lo largo de los años. De todas esas clases, he aprendido más de Inés. Por supuesto, ella es una gran hablante nativa y entiende Continue Reading

James Pointer MD

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