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Although studying grammar is probably the least fun part of learning a language, it is also very important during the language learning process. You can find a lot of books to study and practice Spanish grammar in both stores and internet, but there are always some better than others. Indeed, it is very likely you already have a favorite Spanish grammar book.

In my case, when I started teaching Spanish, I wanted to find a good Spanish grammar book. I needed this book for two reasons: as a source to check grammar questions and a book to recommend to my students. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the books I was going to use and recommend would be the following:


I really like the Spanish Demystied (third edition) book, because they explain things in a very understandable manner. In addition, there are a lot of exercises you can practice with. You have oral practice and written practice to practice each topic, including  quizzes at the end of each chapter regarding all the topics discussed. Additionally, there are four tests throughout the chapters and a final exam at the end of the book. There is also an English-Spanish glossary in the back of the book, in case you need to look up a word. The best of the new edition is that there is an app that goes with the book, which includes the oral practice exercises and other activities to practice via app and online.

In my opinion, this is a book to start getting familiarized with the Spanish grammar, or to refresh the dusty Spanish you took at high-school. The book is classified for beginner-intermediate levels.


If you need a more advanced level, then I would recommend The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (premium third edition) book as your choice. It explains ideas and concepts more in depth, but always in a simple way. Also, it has a lot of exercises you can practice with, and an app to support your learning. Each chapter explains the different concepts with lots of different types of exercises to practice. One thing that stands out  of this book, is that each chapter have several “notas culturales” that explain facts about the language, Hispanic-Latin cultures and Spanish speaking countries. Additionally, at the end of the book you will find verb chats, with information about the conjugations of regular and irregular verbs, and written conventions.

Personally, I find that this is a pretty good book to get deeper into the Spanish grammar and to learn about small details. The book’s official level is Advanced Beginner-Advanced.

Final Thoughs

Studying grammar can be tough and more so if you do not have good learning resources. In reality, a lot of grammar books can be found everywhere, but it is important to choose the ones you can get the most from.

My advice: try to find books with simple explanations and above all, a lot of grammar exercises! As I always say, it is through practice that you finally get the concepts.


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